Amadou Samba UK Reports on NIHD Achievements

Amadou Samba UK came back from Morocco last November 2010 with glowing reports about the recent progress enjoyed by the NIHD. The organization’s original name is in French but can be translated to the Initiative for Human Development. The organization was founded by King Mohammed VI several years ago for several key objectives. Firstly, NIHD was determined to wage a battle against rural poverty, one of the country’s greatest headaches. It also sought to eradicate urban insecurity and last but not the least, it sought to provide citizens with better financial prospects.

According to Amadou Samba UK, Morocco’s hardworking organization was a source of envy by many Third World countries, which don’t have the benefit of a royalty or government-led organization with a clear-cut vision for its role in helping its society get back to its feet. Even the most generous aid won’t do much if there aren’t competent and decisive people directing where the funds should best be allocated. People and companies require direction in order to improve, and that’s what the NHID is providing for Morocco. Thanks to the work of NHID, a new era has come to the country and one that has brought significant socio-economic changes to people’s lives. Agadir’s Forum on Human Development, which is also closely following the progress of the organization, says that NHID had reaped great success considering its somewhat young existence. In just five years, the organization was in fact able to directly aid over 5M beneficiaries and the numbers are sure to quadruple in time.

Petrol and Water Tycoon: Amadou Samba UK’s Great Banking Expert

An honorary degree awardee is one of those persons who excel in their academic studies. They possess great minds that gave distinguished contributions to their country’s economic development. They are one of the many famous capitalists that have paved the way for enormous employment thus, providing livelihood to those in dire need. Such gentleman is like Amadou Samba UK. He was granted an honorary degree of the authorities of the University of The Gambia. He has a doctorate degree and was recognized both for his national and international developments. He has been a businessman for many years and has given fellows income generating jobs to those who are qualified. He also owns an oil company, water company and housing finance corporation. One of his famous businesses is the cement packaging business. Truly, he has given so much to the socio-economic progress of Gambia.


Just as all famous people, Amadou Samba UK has been given a fair share of delicate and even personal issues. He has been associated of finance corruption and even associated with illegal drugs. These allegations have no actual bases and never were put into legal matters. As they say, these were all rumors for a man who gives enormous financial support to his countrymen. Some were doubtful and very suspicious of his motives. Others are very trusting knowing that will benefit from his help. Truly, a lot has benefited from his generosity. Others were given the chance to have a better education and improve their lives. These are heroic acts of a simple man ready to share his blessings in life.


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